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Information about the Society, Current, and Past Officers and Directors of ISSID

The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID) was founded in 1983 to foster research on individual differences in temperament, intelligence, attitudes, and abilities. The aim of the society is to investigate the major dimensions of individual differences in the context of experimental, physiological, pharmacological, clinical, medical, genetical, statistical and social psychology. It further aims to seek the determinants, causes, and concomitants of individual differences, using concepts derived from these disciplines. To promote this purpose, the Society publishes scientific papers and organizes scientific meetings to discuss and exchange information and ideas relevant to the measurement, structure, dynamics and biological bases of individual differences. The official journal of the Society is Personality and Individual Differences.

The Board of Directors & The Executive Officers


Małgorzata Fajkowska

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

President Elect:

Chris J. Jackson

UNSW Business School, Australia

Past President:

Colin Cooper

Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Alyson Blanchard

Secretary Treasurer:

University of Salford

Ewa Skimina
Marta Rogoza

Presidents Assistants:

SWPS University, Poland

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Kristi Baerg MacDonald Dan Jones
Christian Kandler
Jakob Pietschnig
Dimitri van der Linden

The Board of Directors comprises the executive officers plus the following members:

University of Western Ontario, Canada

University of Nevada, USA

University of Bremen, Germany

University of Vienna, Austria

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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