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  • Related Societies
    British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences (BSPID) World Association for Personality Psychology publishes the International Journal of Personality Psychology Association for Research in Personality publishes the Journal of Research in Personality Japanese Society of Personality Psychology publishes the Japanese Journal of Personality European Association of Personality Psychology publishes the European Journal of Personality Society for the Study of Motivation Society for Personality and Social Psychology Social Psychology Network International Society for Intelligence Research Society for the Study of School Psychology
  • Teaching Resources
    Links to free-to-access web-based material that might be useful for teaching individual differences Personality Pedagogy Psychology Education Resource Guide
  • Personality Related Websites
    The Personality Project (William Revelle) Great Ideas in Personality (Scott Acton) (Paul Barrett) The Personality Laboratory (John D. Mayer) Personality Theories (C. George Boeree) Delroy L. Paulhus & His Whirlwind of Psychological Tests (Delroy L. Paulhus) Hans Eysenck website London Psychometric Laboratory (K. V. Petrides)
  • ISSID Member Websites
    Paul Barrett Timothy Bates Philip Corr William Revelle
  • Psychological Tests
    International Personality Item Pool see also (psychometrics, software) London Psychometric Laboratory (K. V. Petrides)
  • Statistical Sites
    The R Project General SEM information with examples in AMOS and R (Lavaan) Moderation/ Mediation (Andrew Hayes)
  • ISSID resources
    Please click here to download a guide for ISSID conference organizers.
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