Abstracts of all keynotes, Symposia, Papers and Posters are available as html or pdf files on a different page:

ISSID 2009 - July 18-22nd

To further the ISSID goal to foster research in individual differences, the ISSID 2009 meeting will be held in conjunction with the first free standing meeting of the Association of Research in Personality (ARP). ARP will meet from July 16th through July 18th. The ISSID program will officially start on the evening of Saturday, July 18th and continue to Wednesday, July 22nd. Members of both organizations are encouraged to come early (ISSID) or stay late (ARP). Discounted registration rates will be offered.

Information for presenters

If you are presenting a paper or are part of a symposium, we will have PCs available for projecting. The PCs have the Vista operating system with Office 2007. For Mac users, we suggest that you convert your talk to a pdf for presentation.

If all of the symposium or paper session presenters are using Macs, then plan on aggregating your files onto one machine.

Keynote speakers may use their preferred platform.

All presenters for a paper or symposium session should add their presentation to the PC before the session starts. Remember, include your name on the file, not just ISSID!


There are two poster sessions, although presenters are encourged to put up their poster the first day and leave it there for the the duration of the meeting. Presenters will have an opportunity to discuss their poster during either the first or second session. The poster boards are 122 x 244 cm (4' x 8') landscape. Your poster does not need to be this big, but can not be bigger than that. We will provide push pins to mount the posters on the boards.

The Program is now available

The program is now available either as an HTML or pdf. There will be 6 keynote speakers, 15 symposia, 69 papers and 50 posters. The schedules for the keynotes and symposia are now available.

Please note that the overview below includes the ARP conference as well as the ISSID conference.

ISSID will have registration and a reception on Saturday, July 18th. The reception (18:00-21:00) will be held jointly with the membership of ARP and is a chance to meet other personality psychologists. Before the recepti.on there will be a keynote address by James Heckman. Please plan on attending his talk as well as the reception.

Date AM PM
Thursday, July 16, 2009 ARP Registration and Reception
Friday, July 17, 2009 ARP Plenary and symposia ARP symposia
Saturday, July 18, 2009 ARP symposia ARP Plenary and symposia
ISSID Registration and Reception
ISSID registration starts in the afternoon as ARP concludes. ISSID members are encouraged to hear the closing talk by James Heckman and to come to the dinner reception with the ARP members following the talk.
Sunday, July 19, 2009 Plenary and symposia Plenary and symposia
Monday, July 20, 2009 Plenary and symposia The afternoon is open for people to tour Chicago on their own. Buses will be provided travel to downtown and to return in the evening.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Plenary and symposia Plenary and symposia
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Plenary and symposia
Plenary and symposia
Meeting closes

The program for Monday afternoon. July 20th, will include free time to take tours of Chicago vist the museums, and parks, or just talk to friends. See our Guide to Chicago for suggestions. See also our guide for using Public transportation to get to Chicago.

ISSID 2009 - Evanston

Evanston, Illinois is the home of Northwestern University and is located 20 km from the center of the city of Chicago. Evanston is 20 km from O'Hare airport, 32 km from Midway airport and may be reached by public transportation or car.

If you want to schedule a shuttle ride, you need to contact them 24 hours ahead of time.

The meetings will be held at the Orrington Hotel, in downtown Evanston. The Orrington is about 1 km from the Department of Psychology, and about .5 km from Lake Michigan. Rooms may be reserved at the Orrington directly by following the link or by sending email to reservations@hotelorrington.com or phone them at 888-677-4648. Tell them you are part of the ISSID meeting.

Travel & Visas

Getting to Chicago is very easy: O'Hare airport has non-stop flights from many European and Asian cities and most major American cities. Direct (although not non-stop) flights are also available from from Australia and New Zealand.

Getting a visa could take some time. Please start the application process early.


Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get. The average high temperature in mid July in Evanston is 80F/26C. The average low is 63F/16C. However, the variance can be substantial. Because Evanston is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the temperature is somewhat moderated from that experienced at OHare or further from the lake. Advice? Bring a bathing suit and a sweater! (As of July 10th, you might want to bring an umbrella as well.) Check the forecast before you leave.
Click for Evanston, Illinois Forecast

ISSID 2009 - Program

The detailed program is on a different page. What follows below are just the highlights.

Keynote addresses

  1. Jan Strelau: Temperament as a regulator of behavior: Theory and application. The Hans J. Eysenck Memorial Lecture
  2. Charles Carver: Two layers of the mind: Serotonergic function, and what impulsive aggression and depression have in common
  3. Ian Deary: Why do intelligent people live longer?
  4. Linda Gottfredson: Intelligence as Warp and Woof of Human Affairs
  5. Robert Hogan: Personality, Leadership, and Organizational Effectiveness
  6. Gerry Moeller: Cognitive Neurobiology of Impulsivity and Decision Making in Drug Addiction


For the abstracts of the symposia, either go the entire program or just the symposia abstracts, paper abstracts or poster abstracts. tr> <
Convener Title
Tomas Charmorro-Premuzic Philip Ackerman Intellectual investment: Advances in the area of determinants of adult intellect
Camilla Benbow David Lubinski Contemporary Findings From the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY): How SMPY Longitudinal Findings May Inform Human Capital Inititaves Aimed at Developing STEM Talent in a Flat World
Allan Clifton Daniel Leising Personality Disorder Research Beyond Retrospective Questionnaires
Malgorzata Fajkowska Anxiety - cognitive and individual differences perspectives. A symposium in memory of Blazej Szymura
Nadja Heym Claire Lawrence Implications of Gray & McNaughton's revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory on the assessment of individual differences in approach and avoidance motivation and behaviour
Claire Lawrence Hannelore Weber The role of individual differences in anger and aggression: Emotion, Cognitions and Behaviour
Natalie Loxton Matthew Gullo Reward sensitivity and addictive behaviour
Gerald Matthews William Helton Individual Differences in Subjective State, Coping and Performance
Lars Penke Michelle Luciano Individual Differences in the elderly: The Lothian Birth Cohort Studies
Stephen Read Alan Pickering Computational models of personality
Martin Reuter Christian Montag Neuroscientific approaches to personality research: Molecular genetics and imaging
J. Philippe Rushton Paul Irwing Is There a General Factor of Personality?
Luke Smillie Philip Corr DEBATE: Biologically-informed approaches to personality: how far can they take us?
Robert Stelmack Michael Houlihan Event-related potential explorations
Andrew Wawrzyniak Gareth Hagger-Johnson Psychoneuroendocrinological and psychoneuroimmunological biomarkers: Recent developments and implications for individual differences research

Papers and Posters

For the abstracts of the papers and posters, either go the entire program or just the paper abstracts or poster abstracts, or view the entire program as a pdf.


The conference site will be the Hotel Orrington . We have a special rate at the Orrington (USD 159). Petite rooms are available for USD 149. To make reservations, you may either go to their webpage or you may email them at reservations@hotelorrington.com or phone them at 888-677-4648. Tell them you are part of the ISSID meeting.

Registration for the ISSID conference is through 123signup. To register for the meeting go to 123signup.


Members of ISSID or ARP
Faculty US$ 400
Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows US$ 275
Non-members of ISSID or ARP
Faculty members US$ 450
Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows US$ 325
Daily registration
ISSID/ARP members
Faculty membersUS$ 100
Grad or Post doc US$ 75
Non members of ISSID/ARP
Faculty membersUS$ 125
Grad or Post doc US$ 100

Accompanying persons
US$ 50
Unfortunately, we have needed to cancel the banquet due to an insufficient number of registrations. If have already registered, we will refund your registeration by reversing the credit card charge. We regret the inconvenience.

Accompanying persons

Chicago is famed for its architecture, museums, parks, and shopping. Public transportation to downtown Chicago is easily available in Evanston. Beaches in Evanston are nearby the hotel and Lake Michigan is suitable for sailing or swimming. See our Guides to Evanston and Chicago for what is available and how to get there.

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